How I started

How I started

How I started off:

I first want to tell you a little about myself and my background to prove that I was not exactly a whiz-bang when it came to computers or the internet. I grew up in a small town that was mostly dirt roads, and your neighbors were around an acre or two away from your house.

The internet was new and I loved the fact that it shorted the distance between things by reaching an item without having to be actually there. After about a year I started noticing a miniature population boom and houses appearing everywhere, the small city I knew became the sub-division “house dwellers” DREAM..

The ever expanding web was growing and I would traveled to the library to get online and check my email and read my favorite social network site updates and messages. Most of the time I had no real business online other than friending someone on Myspace or Facebook and the occasional “Follow On” Twitter to read to what friends where posting.

Sometimes I would sit and read random information I could really careless about but I would surcum to spending around two to three hours looking at video and reading countless stories about how to make a living, get rich quick, and what someone could do to have a decent lifestyle with almost “NO” effort.


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