Tools you will need

Tools you will need

Things you will need:

The 6 things you will need for start up:

1: Knowledge of a computer and how to surf the internet.

2: Knowledge of either one of the following below ( Product, Service, Targeted Market or area of expertise, Sports, Niche Markets ( something you know and not many others do ) Regular Markets, Stock Markets, specific information that is highly searched and used online, and just about anything someone can think of or is doing at the moment. Subjects could range from just about anything formal to informal, comprehensive or vague, the possibilities are endless. )

3: Around ninety five ($95) dollars USD plus or minus a few dollars for State, Federal, and any possible local taxes. (based on your area) 4: Knowledge of a social network either Twitter, Myspace, Facbook, etc.. etc.. the more the better. ( If you are skilled in any or all of the above social networks, the ones with most friends and possible leads will help drive traffic to the website. This will also help you get pointed into the right direction many people use these social networks as tools to increase revenue on each of their websites. Building fan pages to these all of these social networks will help you get a broad range of customers your published content faster! I’ll show you how here in just a bit..)

**Think about it there is Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and a bunch of other social network sites out there that keep you updated with others. These sites are flooded with people, places, and pages of information that is great to help push what you know about a certain subject out to other readers. Why not use these tools to create wealth and a income you would not otherwise know you were making?)

5: Time Some people have patients others do not. It will take a little time to make a proper dividend after the initial out of pocket cost, unless you have everything already to publish. This means already typed out or in some type of digital format. Otherwise it will, and could take about 3 months to see some effective numbers coming into your bank account or seeing a profitable income on your bank account statement.

6: Bank account with at least 5 dollars any currency to receive payments from other individuals, other companies, or from getting paid from products you will sell or showcase within your website or blog.


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